Here are the steps to create viewlegs from a Full Body. (In the example it misses a head ^^)

NOTE: I’m using Maya 2016 so if you are using a different version, things may be on a different location.

  1. Open the Full Body model in maya.
  2. Drag ‘n Drop the the viewlegs.mel on the scene.
  3. Drag ‘n Drop the example_viewlegs.fbx on the scene (This will give a nice indication how it’s done)
  4. Go to the Modelling tab.
  5. Deform>Nonlinear>Bend
  6. Zero the X, Y Translations of the bend.
  7. Rotate it 90 degrees on the X
  8. Set the Lowbound 0 and the Highbound 2
  9. Adjust the curvature until it is pretty close to the example viewlegs if you have used it.
  10. Edit>Delete by Type>History
  11. Remove unnecessary parts from the model. (I use Mesh>Separate to split up the model, when you are done select the group u can delete the History as explained above.)
  12. Bind the model again, select j_mainroot and select hierarchy. Skin>Bind Skin (Any settings should be fine)
  13. Import the Full Body again and select all the meshes first, then you select the meshes of the viewlegs and Skin>Copy Skin Weights (Settings below)
  14. Done, export everything and import in APE.



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